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Cleans and brightens wheels without excessive scrubbing, Quickly removes brake dust and road film, Strong product that can be used with caution on most wheel types (use caution on clearcoated wheels), 
Directions on use
  • Use product diluted 10:1. (10 water) 
  • For best results, wet wheel and surrounding areas to cool surface before applying product.
  • Use Suitable Gloves and eye protection Spray product directly on wheel and let dwell for a few seconds 
  • Agitate product on wheel with spoke brush, if necessary. 
  • Thoroughly rinse wheel and surrounding surfaces. 

This Product is very strong and used incorrectly may cause damage to Wheels, driveway or paving, please use with caution.

Do not use on polished aluminum or anodized wheels

Available in alternative container sizes: 20 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litres. Please contact the office for more information +44(0)844 414 0987 or email

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