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Name and Fragrance Your TailorMade Air Freshener

Handmade in Britain Appreciating British Craftsmanship

TailorMade service from CarChem.

The 3rd Product to be added to the Tailor made line up.  We are able to offer a very personal tailoring service from a 500ml product to a 1000L IBC, and now we are introducing a Custom Air Freshener to the range of TailorMade.

How do I order this? Simply choose the scent and input the "product name" and "your name"* and click add to cart. 

Looking for more than 500ml? CarChem have a manufacturing centre of excellence that will meet and exceed all of your needs. We will assist you whether you’re looking for a complete start up package or if you are just looking for that one product to complete your existing product line. We will accommodate your every need from labelling (same style as the CarChem labels), packaging, filling and manufacturing. Find out more by emailing us on:-

Tell me about the Air Freshener?

CarChem TailorMade Car Scents are along lasting premium freshness fragrance with properties to reduce odour’s. Use sparingly for superior and long lasting fragrance. CarChem Air Freshener’s are designed to mimic the chosen scent.

Superior perfume quality provides strong freshness.

Three spray’s is all you need for a full size vehicle.


*Please NO trademarked/copyrighted names, profanity, or anything else that may cause upset or distress to others, if this does occur the name will be just left blank and you will be still charged. PLEASE CHECK SPELLING, ONCE PRINTED NAMES CANNOT BE CHANGED.

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