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Place Scratch Shield in the bottom of your bucket

Washing your car can always be a gamble between achieving a highly desired glass like finish and a dulling the paintwork by adding swirl marks and scratches, as if your sponge/mitt touches the bottom of the bucket picking up sharp grit, you are more likley to abrade your paint work than polish it...

Not any more, ScratchShield creates a one way filter system providing a barrier between your sponge/mitt and unseen harmful grit and debris lurking at the bottom of your bucket.

Scratch Shield - How it works! - Benefits of Scratch Shield

Grit will not settle on top, Legs keep water still & reduces grit comming back upAdjustable legs -- thus fits most buckets

Filter top lets the grit sink to the bottom of your bucket, with no risk of it scratching your paintwork

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