CarChem Customer Reviews

Good sized quality buckets at a superb price. Mine didn't include any 'wash' and 'rinse' stickers.

Tim Chorlton 29/12/2013

Used last weekend for the first time. Did half the car with Car Chem and the other with AF Avalanche. No differnece in performance that I could see. Great value for money, i'd recommend anyone to try it

Dom 20/12/2013

Used his snow foam for the first time today and I must say I'm impressed. Nice and thick with a good cling time it removed a fair amount of winter grime. Would definitely recommend.

Wilco 19/12/2013

Used for the first time today and very impressed. Nice thick foam with good cling time and shifted a good amount of winter grime. Would recommend.

Wilco 19/12/2013

Got this today and straight into it wow smells lush and makes the leather like brand new a deffo must

All I can say it really does protect wheels after doing 200miles and then just blasting wheels with water dust flew off without revolt

Be sure to have this versatile products in your arsenal it's wicked

This stuff is like a magic wand makes the engine bay, trims & dash that wow factor nice & satin finish love this stuff!!!

Again the best t&g I've used in 28 years very effective indeed and smells not too bad!!

Well curiosity said to me let's give this a bash, I've used a numerous if stain removers from other highly brands and was as usual disappointed, so what's gonna make this one different I said to myself! First up was a mud stain on a customers car that been there for 2 years, right .... Quick squirt and agitate with brush left for 5 mins suck up with wet vac I was truly amazed there was absolutely no trace at all like a brand new drivers foot wall!! 5 litres on its way even used on home carpets wow!!!

If u want a fantastic wheel cleaner u will love this foaming action as u agitate does me proud highly concentrated 5 litres will last u bout 2 years worth having!!

I second that real effortless and smells nice

Chris 28/11/2013

Omg this has to be the best no messing about with this as soon as u squirt job done, not like the rest of other brands that stinks this is a must so grab before we have a harsh winter choose the best car chem thumbs up!!!

Chris 28/11/2013

Wow the buck just doesn't stop for car chem! I was curious and anxious to get this sampled on a frosty day, at-last minus degree weather reporters forecasted so off I went to apply this to all glass windows on mrs car night before freeze, woke up next day looked out window everyone in the street were at it scraping away and engines running, looked at the mrs car wow wow wow ..... Nothing at all as in no ice on any windows I felt like dynamo the magician real top spin product well done car chem!! Highly recommended!!!!!

Chris 28/11/2013

Now no joke with this! First of all the big test was fish & chips in the car smell, u all know this is a stinker after being in car! After having sprayed this after 20 mins let it work it's magic went back to car omg fish & chips smell was eliminated just like that as tommy cooper would say.... Forget buying machines waste of money, I know I've been there people! I even spray my work boots with this wake up next day and it's like I've purchased new boots , seriously!!!

Chris 28/11/2013

Bad bad as in wicked product love the way it bonds and gives you lustrous look and non slip feel and not too shiney just right not far off satin!!

Chris 28/11/2013

I've used carpro version of this and wasn't impressed for at all!! Now I said to myself let this product be my savour well it really does what it says on the tin, applied and after 2 weeks applied again now after 4th week still no condensation I even touched windows for some sort of film u get from blowing fans as u would get! Didn't have no film whatsoever I was stunned, it was like I've freshly polished windows, try it and see no joke!! I can't wait for more products from the production crew I hope I get first sample guy!!! Hint hint :-)

Chris 28/11/2013

Exceptional is the word for this, after application sprayed car with jet and water just dispersed rapidly leaving car dry!!

Chris 18/11/2013
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