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Bought a small bottle to try then a 5litre tub on a group buy. Smells great, suds well and has great lubricity. Factor in value for money and you have a near perfect product which could only really be bettered if it was free ;-)

MDC250 03/06/2014

The cleaner cleans well and has just the right flash time to leave a very good, streak-free finish. The sealant is very easy to apply and equally easy to remove once cured. Once sealed, water on the glass beads and sheets well. For ease of use, this is a very good product.

ilogikal Matt 03/06/2014

Every bit as good as the rest but better value, topped off with excellent customer service. Happily but again :-)

MDC250 03/06/2014

Use 4 or so foams depending on my mood, this is a great value product but more importantly does what it says on the tin (technically plastic bottle!). Will happily have in as a staple; buy it you will not be disappointed!

MDC250 03/06/2014

Great shampoo and value for money shampoo. Designing your own name, colour and scent just makes it more personal and bespoke. Always had great service from Car chem too.

Rav 03/06/2014

Great product which doesn't last just hours like others. You use so little and the 500ml bottle will last a long time. Personalised label is very bespoke and you don't expect it for the price you pay. Would recommend to other without hesitation. Great next day delivery from car chem too. 10/10 from me.

Rav 03/06/2014

I have tried many fallout/iron removers and rate this as one of the best I have used. Revolt begins to work on the contamination immediately and the break down of the iron is visibly noticeable within a few seconds. I have used this on heavily contaminated wheels and after 5 mins of being left on the wheel all the contamination was removed leaving a spotless finish. You will not be disappointed with this product.

steven jack 03/06/2014

Being a professional detailer, im very fussy over my glass cleaners i need a cleaner that not only performs well and is cost effective, and this from carchem ticks both boxes. im amazed at the quality of not only this but all car chem products.

Martin Details 09/05/2014

Being large it holds plenty of water and can wash a panel in no time. Extremely soft and leaves no swirl marks. Very ergonomic, probably the best I've used. far better than the Meguiar's one.

Mike FC 09/05/2014

With the correct applicator this really is unbelievable, yes there's other's on the market that are similar and easier to use. Nano shell requires a nice level application which requires a slight cure time, at first the finish tone's down like a nuba wax but after 8-11min a good microfiber buffing cloth will reveal a stunning deep liquid gloss, I use a lot of other product's similar but did find nano shell beat's on keeping the car cleaner longer although the only down side is the gloss level wears after 2-3 weeks without maintenance however it's easily boosted with a quick detail wipe which again give back the stunning gloss finish. A stunning sealant that give depth and gloss with a glass like finish.Fantastic especially at the price.

K9VND 14/04/2014

Glass Sealant: Easy to apply and pretty straight forward….washed the Jeep off yesterday and it seems to bead up nicely, applied it to my mates Discovery too so next time we go off road I will let you know how it performs with the muddy water…hoping its going to help can’t comment on durability but to be honest its so east to apply its not going to be a far to top it up!

Nick McConnell 31/03/2014

Shampoo: Jesus this stuff is concentrated….I put 3 caps in my Zaino wash bucket and by christ it was like a foam party….washes nice and rinses away to leave a good honest finish, guessing it helps the car has a nice coat of wax on it but I just dried it and didn’t use any QD. Where one side of the car was in the sun during the wash process it didn’t seem to leave any marks even where it had dried a bit.

Nick McConnell 31/03/2014

Glass Cleaner: Simply amazed by this….I am a big fan of AutoGlym products and use them in my routine washes, I get them trade direct through my mate who is a valeted….this glass cleaner is simply amazing! It lifts the crap off with ease and just refuses to smear! I am going to let my mate try it as it works so well I am sure it will help him doing his trade valets.

Nick McConnell 31/03/2014

Car Chem Luxury Shampoo - great shampoo guys weldone

IanG 13/02/2014

CarChem called mine Bubbles. read a lot of great reviews on detailing world and other forums of how good this shampoo is.

MatthewR 13/02/2014

Carchem Tailormade. what a great idea. and every better shampoo

Rainbow 13/02/2014

Carchem tailor made for me every time

ian68 13/02/2014

Agreed best shampoo ever. Quality shampoo with various colours fragrances and custom labelling.

Wilco 13/02/2014
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