CarChem Customer Reviews

Received my order today. Brilliant service and very well packed. Can't wait to try the products out at the weekend! Cheers lads...

Nico1970 19/06/2014

Arrived today. Brilliant service . Thank you very much. Will be dealing with you again

Grunty-Boii 19/06/2014

Ooosht Amended order arrived already! Customer service bosses!

Drewie 19/06/2014

Mine arrived yesterday and im very happy with everything in the package. Great service

stu... 19/06/2014

Got mine yesterday, fantastic service as per usual! Many thanks

hobbs182 19/06/2014

Received my GB package today and highly delighted with the products and freebies.

camerashy 19/06/2014

Mine has just arrived this morning..... Firstly must I say WOW!!! and a BIG thank you! So I ordered: 2x glass sealant, 1x air freshener, 2x hard shell, 1x alloy wheel armour, 1x glass anti fog, 1x tar & glue remover, 2x alloy wheel cleaner, 2x revolt. What I recieved was all this but I also recieved: 12x varying sizes spray heads, 3x microfibres, 3x carry bags, 2x 50ml nano shell. I will definitely be using you guys again soon!! I'm now off to use it all.

NiallSD 19/06/2014

Received at 0815 today. Thanks for the really quick delivery

J306TD 19/06/2014

Tyres looking nice and clean, back to black. Coating has been on a week now and still going strong. Not washed the car again yet, but previous dressings I'd tried would of worn off by now. Would recommend this, great price too.

TheMetalMan0 13/06/2014

Fantastic foam. Nice and thick with great cleaning power at a great price. Glad I bought 10L, highly recommended!

TheMetalMan0 04/06/2014

Was a bit sceptical at first thinking the dilution ratio was a load of crap. Suprised me I will say and the coconut version smells lovely. very high foamer great for van washing with vikan brushes and the like. Also makes your bike smell nice when water is trapped in belly

Chrisc 04/06/2014

Haveing used most over the years was doubting if these would be as good as the likes of the other big names. Well im a convert now and well impressed The snow foam is great and like the smell aswell and does not linger around for ages like magifoam etc

chrisc 04/06/2014

Bought this from the DW group buy and am very impressed, used Meguiar's hyperwash before and find this cleans better. I put 100ml in 1L bottle and get good foam and after about 6 min rinse off. Cleaning power is very good and will be buying again for sure.

Stuart 03/06/2014

This stuff is amazing, bought the Coconut scent and love it. Did the maths on this, I go overboard and use 20ml per bucket instead of 12ml (it's tiny amount about 2 teaspoons). This means 20ml from 5L means I will get 250 washes ! and doing weekly it's about 4.8 years. Makes it very economical. Lots of suds, cleans well, good lube and smells nice too. Will be back in 2019 for more !

Stuart 03/06/2014

If you haven't clayed before then I'd recommend giving it a go as it certainly removes all of your paint impurities leaving a smooth to the touch finish, I was asked to test this clay mitt for CarChem on the understanding that I had never used this type of thing before, if you just follow the instructions you can do a good job with very little effort and it was so quick. Easy to work with and amazing to actually see how much contamination has been removed from my paint. Also instructions are supplied so it's dead easy to use and the delivery is fast

T Stewart 03/06/2014

Used other vendors products prior to using revolt and find this every bit as good as the best out there, but costs less. Like the others though the smell is revolt-ing

Stuart 03/06/2014

Excellent shampoo. Mines is a strawberry scent and it's really nice. Very slick, just the right amount of suds. So little goes a long way. A must have. Personally I can't fault it

Rinse aid is just great. It's a product that I have been missing for years. A rinse aid with good dilution ratios. Saves me plenty of time during details. After decontamination it helps to bead up water so drying takes me half the time. I use between 5-10ml at a guess in pump sprayer and it does the job perfectly. Great product carchem.

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