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Easy application, easy to buff off and leaves a super deep gloss finish ready for what ever you desire, first time use for me and will be using again.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

For use when snowfoam wont cut it, effortless at removing dirt! top stuff.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

Smells amazing, nice and fresh.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

i have bought the normal shampoo in the past, this is my first tailor made one, you choose the name scent and colour mine was perfect, Excellent dilution ratio and lasts ages very slick with the right amount of suds, and very good cleaning power. cant wait to try my new one

Graham jones 14/12/2016

Absolute top products, will be in my permanent collection of must haves. I've used the pre icer on a couple of occasions and it really works, leaves a layer on you windscreen that will not freeze and the de icer is fast acting at melting ice on any other windows. Felt quite smug this morning as watching everyone scraping there windows and I was done with mine in less than a minute and off on my way home!

Paul Taylor 09/11/2016

My favourite shampoo by far. Little goes a long way! Great price, great product!

Paul Eden 17/10/2016

Does the job, smell pleasant.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Have used a few glue and tar removers, this one hands down is the best I've used, another top product from Car-Chem.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Easy to use and smells good.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Again another top product from Car-Chem, have used a few shampoos and this is easily my favourite, 2 to 3 capfuls of the product in to my wash bucket is plenty, nice on slick on the paintwork with great cleaning power! The only reason I want to finish my bottle quickly is so I can order another but the tailor made variant so I can try a new fragrance.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Superb stuff, still going strong 1 month in.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Very good glass cleaner, leaves a nice streak free finish.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

A new one in my Car-Chem collection, use this along with an EZ detail go brush for the cleaning of my wheel arches, effortless.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

Another top product from Car-Chem, 5 stars.

Paul Taylor 14/10/2016

What can I say spay on wait a few minutes wash it off easy as that. Takes 99.9% of the brake dust and grime away you will still need to shampoo the wheels very briefly. 500 ml bottle will only last a few washes though.

Salim 30/08/2016

English Oak wax leaves a deep rich and extremely glossy finish two coats gives the nest finish and protection. For the money this beats allot of more expensive so waxes. Well worth the money. Car-Chem have hit the market again. Easy on application. Do the whole car then buff off without any issues. Can be used in direct sunlight with no issues Great product.

Lawrence Pearce 27/07/2016

A lovely easy to use wax that's worth considerably more than its price. It spreads very well,cures quickly and is a breeze to remove. One or two panels at a time and get if off to reveal a high gloss finish that's warm not sterile. Very impressed with it to be honest and it spreads so much a jar will last fir ages. Well worth a go if you're looking for a new wax. Maybe a facelift of the packaging would make it a little more attractive but the wax itself is excellent.

Wilco 21/03/2016

As has been said,amazing!,sprayed it on,one pass to dry,which produced a lovely shine,perfect for this time of year when you want to top up the protection but dodging the rain !

Peter Allen 25/02/2016
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