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Used this product for the first time the other day, i was cleaning a vauxhall vivaro van and the customer wanted the van polished apart from the roof. once i had finished the customer changed his mind and wanted the van roof "just Cleaned up" so i tried out the car chem waterless (green). The roof was soiled in green tree sap all across the roof, i started to spray the product onto to the roof and followed up wiping the area with a micro fibre towel, i was vey surprised at how well the cleaner lifted the green tree sap off the paintwork, i found the product very easy to use and a nice finish was achieved with little effort at all, a product that will stay in the back of the van for sure

Steven Dobson 14/07/2012

The Brothers Grin ‏@PVGUK @CarChem used your Snow Foam yesterday, very impressed!

"This is the Best alloy wheel cleaner Ive ever used,simply spray on wipe with a sponge and rinse of,my wheels on my Ford Kuga now like brand new again after 2 years of grime and wont be disappointed."

Elvis 08/07/2012

"great product, well worth the asking price, does give a better finish that other shampoo's I've used in the past."

VXR Owner 08/07/2012
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