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Just added a new wash mitt to my wool mitt collection, and thought I'd share my thoughts. First off I have to say; I absolutely LOVE this mitt, it is AWESOME!!! My new favorite!! Washed my truck with the mitt today and it is an incredible wash mitt at a great price. It is VERY soft, thick, and just down right luxurious...

Excellent product. Eats into the dirt, iron filing and baked on brake dust. Definitely my go to :)

Laura 22/06/2013

Can really be used sparingly, unlike IronX... does a great job dissolving and is easily rinsed away... Highly recommended only one bad point... It needs to be in the Special offers more often ;)

CarbonVXR 28/05/2013

I found this very useful, I was kind of lost before finding this item, So a big thanks must go to car-chem for saving my life and making this available to all. How these guys manage to do it for this price is beyond me. Keep up the excellent work and keep supplying us with good fresh air for as long as mankind needs it. cheers Geoff

Geoff Mac 12/05/2013

"Never stop selling this stuff!!! CarChem have come up trumps again, removed what i thought was completely embedded stains, but with "liberal" application this has removed the stains and embarrassment from my car seats."

Jake Bird 11/05/2013

"Excellent product which beats the big names hands down. This stuff effortlessly removes stains from upholstry - even stains that have been there for some time. Easy to use too - A Winner !"

I always by this brand of product for every car I've owned. Due to the the weather this year and I haven't had time do it last year I decided to full day working on it, so I brought all new products and this was the MUST have. Granted it did take me over an hour to fully do the car, But after you would of thought it had just been sprayed at a factory. It takes out all the ground in dirt and tar gathered up over the years. It was so smooth and with out damaging my paint as most tar removers are a harsh chemical after a lot of use. If you love your car, you will definitely love this must buy.

Detailing Guru 10/05/2013

You have to try this product for seriously dirty cars. I am ashamed to say that I had not cleaned my wife's Land Rover in 6 months - and it wasn't clean when I bought it. Rather than get out the pressure washer I just sprayed directly onto the car and waited a couple of minutes. Rinsing with standard hose pressure you could see the dirt slip off the car in a similar way to snow foam. Because of this I washed the car straight afterwards and the results are stunning. Clean paintwork ready for claying/polishing and preserving. You will not be disappointed with this product for very dirty vehicles.

Tim Chorlton 27/04/2013

Superb product. Easy to use and effective.

Tim Chorlton 24/04/2013

I've been looking for a product that does the same kind of job as IronX but at prices that mean that the same job can be incorporated into every wash routine. I'm happy to say that this is that product! It's economical to use and very effective, even on burnt on brake dust, and rinses easily too. Make sure you wear gloves and whatever you do don't breathe the fumes in but other than that it's a terrific product at a great price. Highly recommended

Auto-Genie 04/04/2013

Tyre Dressing which leaves a terrific 'new tyre' finish without any artificial gloss at all. It's lasting well after a couple of hundred miles in rain and mud so far. It was easy to apply spraying onto a sponge and then rubbing that around the tyre. Next on my recommended list is the Revolt De-Ironiser. I like the fact that this product clings more than others I've tried and really seems to shift burnt on brake dust. Stinks but hey; at least it works rather than a less smelly version that doesn't do the job! Last on the list (bear in mind I have several unopened products so far) was the Alloy Armour wheel sealant. Really easy to apply, a little goes a long way so it offers good value and once again durable so far. I haven't been asked to write this nor did I get any special treatment or inducements to post on here. I do like to big up good service when I get it, and praise great products when I find them. Well done guys. Impressed so far

Stuart Staples 21/03/2013

With out a doubt one of the best snow foams I have had the pleasure to use. It does not foam as well as others but it actually cleans. I could see the dirt on the floor even before I had finished covering the car. A must have!

Craig Young 20/03/2013

This is awesome stuff!!! The best i've used to be honest.. it just melts crap infront of your eyes. Recomend it to anyone.

Dale 06/03/2013

After testing the original one, the finished article is a job well done, as posted above. Great dilution ratio, nice smell, nice suds, nice lubricity, does it's job well...

Deeper Detail 20/02/2013

I've used this for a while now and it's up there with the best. Fast acting on tar, even when built up. Glue residue is also removed quickly.

Deeper Detail 20/02/2013

A fantastic Kit, i fully cleaned my car and it want until i clayed it that i realised just how much of a mess it was. The clay is soft and causes no damage or scratching of the paint. if you are careful with the amount used (cut the clay up) you can even use the kit more than once! (obviously not the used clay)

Pro-Performance 15/02/2013

been having a play with a new snowfoam gun and some new foam the foam was from car-chem uk nice foam,nice and thick and long dwell time,shifted a bit of dirt as well

steve from wath 02/01/2013

I've had this sealant on my work car for approx 3 weeks now the old sealant was clayed off the,glass was then polished and cleaned down with ipa the sealant was from car-chem as per instructions i sprayed on,wiped in and wiped off with a separate cloth i did 3 layers on the whole glass last week coming home down the motorway in pouring rain,i hardly needed my wipers at all except when passing hgv etc the rain just beaded up and ran off, so just as good as the others ive tried,but a whole lot cheaper

steve from wath 02/01/2013
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