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I must say this is also the best glass cleaner on the market in my opinion

Chris 18/11/2013

Fantastic product - could easily be the best AIO wheel cleaner on the market. It really is that good..

James Bird 04/11/2013

well i can say 28 years of valeting and finally satisfied at cleaning wheels effortlessly, be sure to pick this folks a big thumbs up...

wow wow, ive used about 15 different snow foams, now this makes the joys of detailing a car a breeze, it lifts and cleans like 2 step prep, like ermm magic.. no1 for sure, will review most of products.. so look out as im honest...

The customisation of the shampoo is obviously a major selling point here but what must not be forgotten is that this is a fantastic shampoo in its own right. I've three different fragrances and colours and they all work fantastically well. Lubricious and sudsy and LSP safe. Highly recommended.

Pete Wilcock 27/10/2013

Got a sample of this in one of the Waxyboxes. It turned out to be one of the best glass cleaners I've ever used and will certainly be buying a full size bottle when the time comes.

Kerry Thirkettle 25/10/2013

The Taylor Made shampoo is a great cleaning shampoo. One of the best I've used and my new favorite. The additional benefit is you can chose the scent and colour as well as give it your own name. A great selling point. Highly recommended.

Kerry Thirkettle 25/10/2013

I prefer a more manly size. Could do with being twice as thick.

Tim Chorlton 24/08/2013

I tried several competitors products that were lurking around my garage, non of which cleared the smokey smell of my Land Rover. Thought I would purchase something new and glad I did. This one works. It does smell of strippers for a couple of days (?? Is this intentional ??) then that smell disappears leaving everything fresh. I now use the minty variety after every vacuuming!

Tim Chorlton 24/08/2013

I don't normally use shampoo with wax but thought I would try some. This one is superb.

Tim Chorlton 24/08/2013

Lovely minty smell and a lot cheaper than an air freshener.

Tim Chorlton 24/08/2013

Excellent product, cleans really well and leaves a great finish with impressive hydrophobic properties.

Dan Haynes 08/08/2013

Excellent product, cleans really well and leaves an amazing finish with some impressive hydrophobic properties.

Dan Haynes 08/08/2013

I have used this stuff on my leather sofas which had seen better days after a good clean. WOW! Makes it feel like a new sofa and smells like moisturising cream. Another top product by the guys at Car Chem. I'll be using this on my customers cars. See my review 28/07/2013

Just added a new wash mitt to my wool mitt collection, and thought I'd share my thoughts. First off I have to say; I absolutely LOVE this mitt, it is AWESOME!!! My new favorite!! Washed my truck with the mitt today and it is an incredible wash mitt at a great price. It is VERY soft, thick, and just down right luxurious...

Excellent product. Eats into the dirt, iron filing and baked on brake dust. Definitely my go to :)

Laura 22/06/2013

Can really be used sparingly, unlike IronX... does a great job dissolving and is easily rinsed away... Highly recommended only one bad point... It needs to be in the Special offers more often ;)

CarbonVXR 28/05/2013
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