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Hello to Pro-User and Private-User All of car-chem products are very simply to use with a very good price/working/using balance. Good to use for everybody Nice... Thank you very much for that. Michael McNamara Pro-User (swiss / cyprus)

Michael McNamara 15/01/2019

Used this for the first time today..really impressed with ease of use and stunning finish!

Charlie Smith 07/01/2019

A exceptionally good fallout remover which came out top in my own personal, independent test of numerous (16) competitors on the market which can be found here Another highly recommended product from Car Chem!

ilogikal1 19/11/2018

I've not used yet I will do a review on the shampoo another time. I ordered on Sunday and the package came 9:00am this morning fast delivery only problem was the packaging just a plastic bag cover which wasn't good as the 5ltr of shampoo had no protection and was at risk of being punctured as the plastic had a rip in it that's why I've not give 5 stars

Kevin 24/10/2018

Great product, wonderful lubricity a very slick product from CarChem.

John Tht. 11/06/2018

A wonderful product, great lubricity a slick result very clean.

John Tht 11/06/2018

I’d like to’s been just over a week now and I got to actually see how well this stuff repels water after a m/way journey in heavy rain.....excellent is all I can say! Areas of the car that catch the most wind (front bumper, bonnet, roof, mirror housing and boot spoiler) are spotless and as shiny as when it was first applied....the dirt has just washed over and away....the back end has collected the crud but when the car was wet, the dirt was sat in the water droplets and could’ve easily been rinsed away before it dried. IMO, this is an excellent product and I will be using it again when my 1lt runs out.

Neil_H 15/02/2018

Purchased this during the 12DOC sale (not used it before and I like to try new things!) and finally got round to trying it out recently. It’s simple....spray on a panel, dampen an MF cloth and gently wipe over the surface..... ) myself, I do one side of car) leave to 'bond' for a minute or 2 if doing 1 panel at a time, wipe down to remove excess with dry MF and (again, my choice) then with a buffing towel.....nice deep shine revealed and repels water with ease. Didn’t seem to feel very 'slippery' after buffing BUT it seemed the longer it had to 'cure', the slickness got better..... I think I may use this as a 'summer' QD to keep the shine up

Neil_H 09/02/2018

Loved it. Have tried rival TFRs in the past to much dissatisfaction. But this is a notch above the rest! Genuinely taken aback at the grime cutting power! Would watch out for use on bare outer plastics though. Left some marks. Overall very happy with the purchase

Scott Jackson 02/01/2018

Dear Car- Chem. I am Ryan from Vietnam. My company is an Exclusive Distributor for Italian company in Vietnam. At present, we're interested with Nano Shell Spray Sealant products which I think it is able to develope in Vietnam market. Please consider and let me know if we is able to work on this products. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Best regards, Ryan

Ryan 02/01/2018

Can only echo what K9VND has already is darn gd! My coating is 12mths old now and with a quick wipe over with QD, it’s looking like a fresh application every time. I have a white Mondeo TXS and honestly, it shines like a diamond

Neil_H 01/12/2017

Great product but don't forget about black Friday

Jamie Banks 22/11/2017

Fantastic quick detailer that will easily last six weeks but you need to thin it down 50/50

Very impressed with this product. Really easy to use & leaves a lovely deep shine ready to be protected with a wax. One of the best paint cleaners I've used, some costing way more than this.

Easy application, easy to buff off and leaves a super deep gloss finish ready for what ever you desire, first time use for me and will be using again.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

For use when snowfoam wont cut it, effortless at removing dirt! top stuff.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

Smells amazing, nice and fresh.

Paul Taylor 22/02/2017

i have bought the normal shampoo in the past, this is my first tailor made one, you choose the name scent and colour mine was perfect, Excellent dilution ratio and lasts ages very slick with the right amount of suds, and very good cleaning power. cant wait to try my new one

Graham jones 14/12/2016
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