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CarChem’s All in One Polish has been designed and formulated to perform at the highest of levels. It offers your vehicle long term protection and an intense high-gloss appearance. Our All in One Polish also contains special abrasives and filling technology to help remove any paint work defects and leaves a carnauba wax finish. Benefits include defence against road debris, UV rays and general wear and tear.

How To Use:


  1. Complete a full vehicle clean as usual.
  2. Using a machine polisher or manual application pad, spread All in One Polish over each pannel in a up/down and left/right lattice pattern for optimal coverage.
  3. Allow the polish to dry to a haze.
  4. Remove with a clean microfiber towel or buffer.


Top Tip

Ensure you are working out of direct sunlight whenever you are using a polish compound, and check that your vehicle is cool to the touch prior to application.


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