Creating something that is truly bespoke is all part of the CarChem experience. The “TailorMade By CarChem” service provides the freedom to tailor your product completely to your taste and help make your product a true expression of your individuality.

Designed and produced with the same painstaking attention to detail we employ in the development of our core range of products. The “TailorMade By CarChem” service offers you a unique opportunity to enhance your product without compromising it’s integrity.

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Name and Fragrance Your TailorMade Air Freshener Handmade in Britain Appreciating British Cra..
Name , Colour and Fragrance Your TailorMade Multi Purpose Cleaner Handmade in Britain Appreci..
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Name , Colour and Fragrance Your TailorMade Car Shampoo Handmade in Britain Appreciating Brit..
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Car-Chem Lambswool Wash Mitt (Deep Pile - Plush)   This will safly clean your paintw..
40x40cm    2 Tone Dual Microfibre Towel is a thick, plush long fibre microfibre..
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