Detailing supplies, brushes, grit guards, buckets, and more

Detailing Accessories - bottles, spray heads, guards, buckets, brushes and towels. 

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Car-Chem Professional Microfibre Cloth.   Reusable – they are easy to wash and..
40x40cm    2 Tone Dual Microfibre Towel is a thick, plush long fibre microfibre..
  The Yellow'ist Softest, Thickest, Heaviest Buffing Cloth.   This a Pile t..
  Detailing Brush Size 12   The Detailing Brush 1" sized brushes, with its ..
  Detailing Brush Size 16   The Detailing Brush 1.5" sized brushes, with it..
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An essential tool for your car, especially in the winter. This ice scraper and rubber strip squee..
Easy to overlook basic safety issues, and skin protection is something that very few take serious..
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Style May Vary. Labels are for display only. Heavy-duty 25ltr plastic bucket that will last f..
Style May Vary. Labels are for display only Heavy-duty 25ltr plastic bucket that will last fo..
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The Sponge from Car-Chem is a moulded, heavyweight sponge, forever supple and drenches your car i..
250ml and 500ml replacement bottles   Please contact us to let us know what sizes yo..
A plastic soda bottle style cap. screw or flip top, please select above ..
Optional replacement cap with On andOff control  for use with 5ltr, 20ltr and 25ltr. fitted ..
1 x Black Trigger fits CarChem Bottles 250ml, 500ml 1ltr  replacement ,  One size fits ..
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