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The Car-Chem Premium Microfiber Chenille Noodle Wash Mitt is designed with long plush pile microfibers that soak up water and soap while it gently cleans your vehicle's surface. It also includes an elastic cuff to prevent it from slipping off your hand. Excellent cleaning ability and safe for all paint surfaces. 
 Quick -Features:
Microfiber noodle material
Absorbent and long lasting
Clear coat safe
Scratch free
Easy to clean
The Ultimate Cleaning Solution
  • Microfibre wiggles lift dirt with ease.
  • 2 microfibre surfaces - soft wiggles and mesh
  • one size fits all with non-slip eleastic cuff
  • highly absorbent
  • soft and gentle yet durable
  • easy to clean and machine washable

Directions for use

  • Rinse vicle with water to remove loose dirt and grime.
  • Rinse mitt prior to use.
  • Submerge mitt in shampoo water solution
  • wipe vihicle surface with gentle motion
  • regularly rinse mitt with clean water to remove dirt
  • and particles 

Car Washing Tip

  • Always wash your car from the top, working downwards. leave heavy dirt build up until last

Directions for wash mitt care

  • Rinse out any excess shampoo, wring out and hang in the shade to dry. Store dry.

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