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Irish Merino Wool Wash Mitt Premium Quality

We recommend that customers use a wash mitt with a deep pile, like the CarChem Wash Mitt above; this mitt is easily washed after each use keeping it fresh and perfect for every wash.

Using a sponge to wash your car will unavoidably cause swirl damage to the paint, no matter how watchful and thorough you are you will trap dirt and grime between the face of the sponge and the paint surfaces as you move around causing swirl marks.

The Wool Wash Mitt offers a deep pile of fibre meaning the dirt has some where to go. Removing dirt from the paint work and not causing paint swirl damage.

Black elastic cuff for comfort and grip when wet.



Rinse well under a warm clean tap water stream to remove all debris and dirt - DO NOT Machine Wash, Don't wash with biological soaps

Allow to naturally dry , DO NOT dry in direct sun light or near heat source 

Brush the wool with a hair/pet brush to keep the wool fluffy / Lightly comb with a wide spoke brush to help remove knots


1 x Wash Mitt

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