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CarChem's Professional Leather Chamois are the finest genuine chamois produced in the world. This genuine chamois is a natural leather product. The CarChem Professional Leather Chamois reflect the highest quality and performance and are used by the most demanding car enthusiasts and auto detailers to maintain a dazzling, spotless finish on any vehicle. They are super absorbent, scratch free and the best way to dry, polish and protect your vehicle's finish. The natural qualiteis of attracting water, dirt and dust particles are unsurpassed in the industry.

The CarChem Professional Leather Chamois are also ideal for cleaning mirrors, glass, lenses, and can be used dry for dusting fine furniture, television screens and shining jewelry.
To keep your Chamois performing at it's best, prevent it from completely drying out and flaking by soaking it for 10 minutes in a bucket of warm water before use.

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