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Ceramic Coat is the ultimate nano car paint protection system to protect against harmful effects like acid rain, bird droppings, scratches, UV Damage and bad washing technique.

Ceramic Coat is applied to the vehicles paint work with an easy application giving 3 years durable and hassle free protection.

Apply in 2'×2' (60cm x 60cm) sections.


How To Use


1.  Place 4 to 5 drops of the 9H coating on a foam pad and lightly apply on to the cars paintwork, evenly by using a cross hatch pattern (horizontally then vertically).


2. Wait 1-3 minutes depending on the temperature of the working environment. You will see faint separation or "flash off" when it is ready for the next step.


3. Using a clean lint free microfibre towel, gently wipe the treated areas in straight lines to remove any excess coating, and to level out any ‘high spots’. Use only very light pressure, just enough to keep the microfibre towel in your hand. Do not create excess friction.


4. Next flip to a clean high pile microfibre and repeat the buffing. Again, use only very light pressure, so no excess friction is created.


5. Finally check the panel for uneven coating or ‘high spots’. Lightly even out the coating if required.


Top Tip


DO NOT WET OR TOUCH THE PAINT WORK FOR 24 HOURS. We suggest not using the vehicle for 24 hours after coating. DO NOT WASH FOR 3 DAYS to allow for max cure and hardness.

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