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CarChem All Clean is a multifunctional all purpose cleaner, great for both a deep clean as well as routine maintenance. Suitable on all surfaces including undercarriages, door jams, and all those hard to reach places. CarChem All Clean also contains specialist surfactants which break down grease making it ideal for engine bay cleaning. 


How To Use

  1. Spray CarChem All Clean directly on to the surface you wish to clean
  2. Wipe over with a microfiber cloth until no residue remains
  3. Repeat if necessary
  4. For heavy cleaning all the product to soak in to the surface for up to 5 minutes, scrubbing with a brush if required and finish with a rinse of water, and dry


Top Tip

For routine maintenance, CarChem All Clean can be diluted up to 10 to 1 with water, for day to day upkeep.


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