Bespoke Manufacturing Nottingham England UK Car Care


Bespoke Manufacturing - We offer a personal tailored service, whether it be a different colour or a Scent requirement, product match, or you have an idea of a product you wish to create.  

Our lab technician’s team can offer you the following:

Product Development

 labelling assessments advice

 health and safety data sheets – MSDS on a complete product

Minimum Quantities - Our minimum requirements start at 200 litres, although this can vary from product to product and in some instances the minimum amount may be 1,000 litres+.

Packaging - All products are packed in a suitable bottle or container depending upon the product. But if our bottles are no to your liking we allow for you to supply us with the bottles (Pre Labelled), as long as they are of a suitable quality we can then decant into those for you.*Charge may be required extra

We offer the following sizes: 

250ml - 500ml

1 litre - 5 litre

25 litre - 200 litre

1,000 litre

For full terms and advice of our Bespoke Manufacturing options in regards to minimum quantities required, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team; who will be happy to assist you.