Fifty Suds Darker
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Car-Chem Fifty Suds Darker Edition 500ml - LC 205 - Slip into something a shade darker!

Fifty Suds Darker Goes on Sale Friday 10th Feb 2017

Fifty Suds Darker is a 2017 English made foaming, cleaning and non waxing Shampoo Engineered by The Team at CarChem Ltd and Quality Controled by Stephen T, This Shampoo is not based on a novel of a simular name by E. L. James.

A new arrival in the car care world but one that's inspired from years of experienced manufacturing of some of the world's leading products. Car Care Shampoo has a highly concentrated 1:1000 and effective cleaning formula but is gentle enough to not strip wax or protective layers....

Highly effective yet equally gentle paint and wax friendly shampoo that makes hundereds of wash solution per bottle. It effectively breaks the bond between grime and underlying surfaces, allowing you to effortlessly wash your vehicle in minimal time. Enriched with nourishing properties, which prolong the life of your wax finish. Use in conjunction with a Car-Chem washmitt & Scratch Guard.

Directions for use

Add the correct amount of shampoo to your bucket and then fill with warm water. Rinse your car with water first to loosen any dirt. Apply the wash soloution from your bucket to your cars surface while still wet using a soft sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean. Finally rinse off.

Available in alternative container sizes:
1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litres. 
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