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Brand: Car-Chem
Product Code: LC307 Blue, Red Edge
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This extra large microfibre towel can be used dry or damp to dry your paint work after washing. The CarChem drying towel features microfibres which are split into millions of tiny hooks that attract and lift dirt, dust and grime with ease, rather than just moving it around like traditional cotton towels. Use it dry to dry, clean and polish your paintwork, or use it damp to clean off stubborn marks leaving a streak-free finish without chemicals every time.

Microfibre edges that won't scratch

Streak-free absorbent towel that dries totally everytime

A whopping plush 24 x 36 (2ft x 3ft) soft towel

Ideal for drying wet surfaces and using waterless products

Lint free 100% no streaks.

Microfibre product that will lift dirt and dust particles instantly



Product Description
Absorbs up to 8 times it's weight in water- Use to dry large areas quickly- Super soft and durable- Lint free and clear coat safe- Machine washable when dirty

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