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Brand: Car-Chem
Product Code: LC223 5ltr
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CarChem Super Concentrated Pre Wash TFR (Traffic Film Remover) . It is designed to remove traffic film, dead bugs, bird droppings and general dirt and grime from all paint types. Suitable for use on paint, wheels, glass and trim when used at the correct ratios.

Can be applied via low pressure hand sprayers, through high pressure washing equipment or manually with a brush/ cloth and bucket. Leave on for a few minutes to activate before thoroughly rinsing off. Do not allow to dry. Always test your dilution ratios on a small area before progressing to the whole area. This product WILL remove wax at strong dilution ratios. One 5ltr will make up over 250ltrs of ready to use product.

• Concentrated Product • Fabulous Wheel Cleaner • Works Wonder Around The Engine Bay • Cleans Arches / INC the Fabric Type • Great for Winter Grime Removal

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